Product: TFTP ActiveX Control: Features

  • TFTP ActiveX Control

    TFTP ActiveX Control is a lightweight and powerful Trivial File Transfer Protocol client ActiveX control. The control allows developers to integrate TFTP based file transfer capabilities into their applications. An application may use TFTP when it simply wants to download a known file from a server, where access is guaranteed and the location is known, with minimal use of resources.

    TFTP ActiveX Control is fully compliant with RFC 1350, RFC2347, RFC2348 and RFC2349. TFTP ActiveX Control is capable of processing multiple file transfers simultaneously.

    The control be used from any Windows-based applications development environment, including Visual Studio. It comes with documentation, sample code, and working demo programs.

    TFTP ActiveX Control is included into Internet Controls Pack.
    TFTP ActiveX Control is available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.
    TFTP ActiveX Control requires Windows XP or higher.